Land is one of your biggest investments and it must be protected – especially from soil erosion. We have adopted a no-till system of farming which not only protects your soil, but actually builds the organic matter and the structure of the soil. Because we do not till the soil, the ground is always covered by crop residue, and thus protected from wind and water erosion. We control weeds through an integrated program of diverse crop rotations and the timely and efficient use of chemicals. In addition to the conservation benefits, we also believe that no-till farming also increases the productivity of the soil.

The character of a person should always be considered before entering into any business arrangements with them. The character traits of a person will determine how they act or respond to different situations. At Providence Farms, we strive to mold our character after that of Jesus Christ. We make every effort to be honest, fair, understanding, compassionate, trustworthy and hard working. We both are members of the Official Boards of our respective churches and we endeavor to lead lives that will be an example to our children, our neighbors, and our peers. Honesty and integrity in our business dealings are of the utmost importance to us, as this will define our character and our reputation within our families, our communities, and our churches.

At Providence Farms, we are committed to farming, both as a business and as a way of life. We have committed to the business of farming through investments in equipment, technology, and education that allows us to be efficient and effective at growing crops. We are committed to farming as a way of life and we are convinced that family is the most important commodity that we can grow on our farm. This is the reason that we live on the farm and this is the reason that both Christi (Brian’s wife) and Audrey (Keith’s wife) do not work outside of the home or farm.

In this age of large-scale, impersonal corporate farming, we are committed to keeping the family in and on the farm. Both of our families (four children each) live right on the farm and our older children are already becoming involved in the farming process. We believe in the future of farming and we are committed to making farming our future.