Providence Farms, LLC
932 Road X,  Bladen, NE  68928

Welcome to Providence Farms, where we are “Keeping the Family in the Family Farm”.  Providence Farms is the joint farming venture of the Brian and Keith Berns families.  

Perhaps no principle of early American life was more motivational, more blessed, and more fixed in the minds of the men and women who forged this nation than the doctrine of the providence of God.

We have chosen the name Providence Farms to remind us that all we have and all that we are is because of the providence of God.  We seek to honor and glorify Him through our lives and through our farming operation.   We pray that our farming practices and philosophies reflect this as well.

In addition to No-Till farming over 2,000 acres, we also have Green Cover Seed, an extensive Cover Crop Seed business.

Green Cover is your source for No-till Cover Crop Seed.  We are in the process of developing our website and are still adding more information about cover crops and cover crop seed.   We have the following seed for sale:  oil-seed radish, common vetch, lentils, turnips, canola mixes and more.